Create a program just for your facility. Have an artist come in for a day/week or longer. Work with our staff to create a clay experience that fits your budget and your students needs. We can integrate our projects to fit with your curriculum or adapt for special needs and events. We work with ages 4-adult. Visiting schools, daycare centers, libraries, hospitals, correctional facilities, physical therapy centers and senior centers. Sensorimotor experiences are crucial for healthy brain development. For individual clay sessions please see the Healing Trauma in the Clay Field information.

Pricing for Visiting Artist Programs

Per day

Labor Fee $300 (covers/travel/admin)
Additional Instructor $150 (Mandatory for classes with 20+ students and/or 6 or more classes per day)

                  Materials and firing $4.00 per student per piece
Outside classroom Labor $15 per hour glazing/ firing and delivery

                         *sustainable non-product oriented events available and encouraged

Ways to SAVE cash with your project

-Consider a sustainable clay instruction day without saving or firing work.

– Process not product.

-Fire and glaze in your own kiln.

-A hands on ‘try the potter’s wheel’ each child 3 minutes wheel (kids/teachers love this!)

-Artist talk/slide show and wheel demo.Go for a ‘clay hunt’ on school premises or nearby location

-Create a big paper clay sculpture that doesn’t need to be fired and will bio-degrade outside

Ways to EARN cash with your project

  • Make something that can be auctioned or sold at special event.
  • Have a school logo created and make tiles, ornaments, mug.
  • Make something the school needs i.e.. cups, classroom markers, name plates, garden markers

*Please allow at least an hour for proper instruction, more for in-depth projects Grants are available through the Maine Arts Commission

                  For more information or to plan an event