please note* For classes at Hallowell Clay Works we use commercial clay. Malley uses local clay for her artistic and sculptural work.

My quick and simple first tips
1. Know the purpose of your project- You will have different needs
ie. throwing, building and firing pottery? Making sculpture or building a brick oven? making bricks? pavers? beauty masks?
Clay is abundant in Maine- Geological Survey has maps!
Locate clay- streams, rivers, lakes -Ask a contractor or a gardener they always know!
You need a shovel and some buckets/heavy duty bags
Find an accessible safe source close to you
Clay is heavy especially when wet, also slippery be careful
*****There are ecological impacts about disturbing clay in waterways so be mindful and don’t cloud the water, rivers, streams********


  1. Hi Malley, This is my first time on facebook so I hope I am doing it right. I read some of the stuff about digging for clay and all that. Your Mom told us about your “digs” when she visited. I really admire your gumption of going out and getting down and dirty to gather your material. How did you get interested in this hobby/business in the first place…? The closest I got was going to a ceramic class at the Senior Center. We would buy a greenwear piece, clean the seams and then paint it. I usually liked the undercoated pieces where you put three coats of paint, get it fired and then put a glaze on it. That was fun but I don’t go there anymore.

  2. Hello,
    My family and I are going to be transitioning to a more sustainable life within the next two years. I will be making our home from cob as well as many other daily objects and structures such as our cookware, furniture and farm animal enclosures. If you know anyone that would be kind enough to donate clay or kindly allow us to harvest some please let me know. I am trying to do all of our transitions for as little cash cost as possible. That being said, I am more than willing to barter or work for any goods needed.

  3. Hi there, i am not on Facebook so i ask you to please answer me via email. I am interested in Maine’s local clay offerings, however have no true knowledge of finding and then harvesting/processing it. I am intetested in its benefits as far as our self care/hygene as a family, but safely. We live in the Augusta area but have the desire and ability to travel within a 1-1/12 hour or so distance in order to fulfill our wish.

    Thank you,

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