Malley high above Vaughn Stream digging for clay

Malley Weber MFA-IA (Interdisciplinary Arts Goddard College) has been teaching ceramics since 1995. In 1996 Malley opened Moonshine Pottery in Damariscotta. In 2000 she and her now ex-husband opened The Liberal Cup in Hallowell. Her true love is clay and so Hallowell Clay Works was first opened in 2004.  Since then it has been a community studio and paving the way for countless artists to create livelihoods and find creativity, relaxation and connection through clay. It has occupied many locations through the years as family circumstances and the pursuit of education have allowed. Malley knows how to set up a safe- non-hierarchical studio where beginners, intermediate and advanced students share and learn easily and confidently. In Malley’s studio ‘ Let yourself suck’ is a mantra spoken daily. Working with clay has given Malley insights and experience with the healing nature of clay. 
Malley also teaches as the Ceramic Arts adjunct at the University of Maine at Augusta. She is a teaching artist for both the Maine Arts Commission and  for Watershed Center for Ceramic Art. www.watershedceramics.org   She’s passionate about using local resources and promoting the use of local clay. Using clay for therapy and healing trauma, and general stress reduction and well-being is a large part of Malley’s artistic practice. 


Contact us by email at hallowellclayworks@gmail.com

CLAY FIELD and HEALING– Clay work utilizes a variety of important hand movements which have been proven to be linked with healthy brain development for all ages. Understanding and following haptic perception (touch sense) one can unlock childhood traumas and PTSD by creating new neural pathways.  Clay has the power to heal. transform, and educate.  Ask about a private CLAY FIELD session. We’ll work with your therapist or psychologist to bring you a bottom-up (non-talk) approach to healing.

Covid-19 is going to force Malley to reimagine yet another creative way of sharing her love with her community. While it is inconvenient, not to mention deadly, Malley will use this time to work on her own creative and educational pursuits. It may take some time, but in the end every community needs a clay studio. There is much healing and strength to be found in each other in creative community.


  1. Way to go,Malley!!! I am a potter at heart!!! It’s been a long time since i sat at a wheel. I do envy you!!! Great work!!

  2. Hi Malley,

    LOVE your website. When I finally have some free time, I just promised myself to take a pottery course. And, of course, it will be with you.

    Hope to see you this summer at the Wav!

  3. Hi Malley, My daughter,Sandy, sent you an invitation to my husband’s 80th birthday. I am your dad’s oldest sister. Your dad had three brothers: Robert (Bob) Weber, Bernard Weber (deceased) and Thomas Weber who lives in Conneticut.
    He also has another sister, Dorothea Dougherty, (deceased). So your dad was one of six siblings. His mom who was your grandmother passed away in 1990. Her name was – Margaret Agnes Weber. Her husband, Robert, was my stepfather.
    My biological father was Walter Powers. I never met him. My mother lft him when my sister and I were very young. Your dad was my favorite brother. He was a good, kindhearted and sweetest person. He was very even-tempered, not like my brother, Bobby, who had a short fuse. Also, he picked a wonderful person to be his wife – your mom. This is just a short bio on our family. If you have any questions just e-mail me. Love, Aunt Peg

    1. Aunt Peg!!! How great that Sandy reached out to my Mom! I’ve been really blown away with all the new information and I really look forward to re-meeting as many of you as I can. I remember bits and pieces. I’ll email you because I have a million questions! This is really wonderful.

  4. Glad to see other people digging their own clay. I would like to ask you a few questions, particularly about the program at Goddard. Would you mind if I called to speak with you about that sometime?
    Keep on digging, -Willi

  5. You are something else! Do you remember me saying that I would love to have you for my daughter, but your Mom and Dad got in the way. So I will settle for friendship, even though it has been awhile since we talked. You never fail to amaze me and your pottery is as much fun as always. Your whimsical approach is just what we are looking for. Lar & I are adding an additional product to our Oyster Shucker website, and we would like to talk to you about your pottery. Let me know if you are interested. OK?
    Love, Sherry

  6. We’d like to buy about 25 lbs of white, low-fire, clay (C 06). We’re local, so we’d pick it up.


    Keith Vallencourt

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