The next Hallowell Clay Works…



I was counting and this will be my 7th incarnation of a gallery and clay teaching studio over the last 20 years.  I am really excited about this new space. It’s big and wide and open and has a great location and now my kids are old enough to help! What a difference it makes.

My coffee intake has increased exponentially. It’s a temporary insanity but I am enjoying it and I am incredibly fortunate to have great help.  Perhaps you’ve seen the blur of my purple jacket as I load, unload, then reload, then re-unload pots, shelves, wheels, glazes, tools, paint and whatever else may be on the days agenda.

I’ll be sprucing up  157 Water Street in Hallowell over the next few weeks while still working out of 100 Water St below the Holiday Pottery Shop. Ever grateful for the help of some very talented friends, Patti, Annabelle, Shelby,  and whomever else would like to help paint and scrub floors. The new and permanent location (157) is the building on the corner of Water St. and Union St. next to Boynton’s Market and Slate’s Bakery. It’s the former space of Cause for Paws.

We’ll eventually have a nice gallery full of fine hand-made crafts. Pottery, fiber art, iron work, stone work, cards, candles and other lovely items. Expect the gallery to start shaping up by Valentine’s day. Pottery classes will start up in January. We have a whole selection of classes in the evenings and a few during the days. Kids classes, teens, and adults. Also one day workshops and wheel classes. Friday nights and Saturday days will be available for parties, special events or just want to hang out with friends/co-workers doing something fun. Clay Field Sessions are available by appointment only. Check the website for the January schedule.


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