Healing with Clay Workshop

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On February 1st 2015 I partnered with Maine General’s Healthy Living Resource Center and the Harlow Gallery to present the newest ‘Healing with Clay’ workshop. We had 11 enthusiastic participants come together to learn a little about clay, where to find it, how to purchase it and how to approach creative work with healing in mind. We covered basics like slipping, scoring, texture, stamping, smoothing and most importantly slowing down, breathing, and conversing with the clay. There was no agenda or specific project to create although I did demonstrate a relief tile and many students chose to emulate that using their own aesthetic to guide them. I feel very strongly that we don’t give ourselves enough time for creative expression and that our lives are often too hurried and harried to find the space for making. Granted, clay isn’t always the easiest because of the technical issues, materials and the ability to glaze and fire work, but it IS amazing for grounding, becoming present and staying focused. Hand outs were geared toward making it a bit more accessible for the average person to find clay, match glazes, and access places to fire work. Using the local glacial-marine clay makes this class all the more special. This clay comes from Livermore, ME near the Androscoggin River and was shoveled by hand and carried a few hundred pounds at a time. Each trip to harvest clay is special, for me it’s about reconnecting with myself, the land and the many potters who come before me. This clay is special. It’s sacred to me and using it for healing purposes feels right.  It is my pleasure to share it and to share my passion for creating with clay. I hope you can join us. The next workshop will be Sunday March 15th at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell. You can find more information and register for class here  Maine General Healthy Living Resource Center

Also check back for some clay digging workshops in May



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