Maine Craft Guild MDI Show 2012


I spent the weekend with 100 + very talented craftspeople.  To me, there is nothing more inspiring than walking around a fine craft event and absorbing all of the talent and years of dedication.   I was continually amazed at how clever people can be!  I can only say that the Maine Crafts Guild is one of the finest gatherings of artisans in the state of Maine.  If you have a chance to attend one of their shows please go!  You won’t be sorry, even if you don’t spend a dime, it will be worth it.  I am very excited to be counted as a member.  The next show is August 10th -12th at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel in Bar Harbor, ME.   If that’s too far for you and you are in Maine you can find us again at The Maine State Museum in November.  Of course, I will also be at the Common Ground fair in September with many of the MCG members and most of Maine!

I’m fairly new at the fine craft circuit.  I have never been great at sitting in a booth NOT making anything, but I really enjoyed this show.  I think because I have found a new way of working that has opened up a lot of possibilities for me.  You might already know that I completely changed my work since going to grad school.  I now work with Maine clay and Terra Sigilatta.  I dig my own clay and once-fire everything.

Diatome teapot low fire maine clay wheel thrown and altered











I am making less and less functional pottery and moving toward highly decorated, hand carved and painted vessels and wall pieces.  Look at the pieces in the booth shot.  You’ll see a ‘giant’ microscopic mandala on the right with some special star fish and a sea biscuit flower on the left.    Thanks again to Meaghan Chaney Gumpert for her influence and inspiration on those wall pieces.  I will continue making teapots and the goofy creature tumblers are too fun to let go of quite yet.  I am working on commission pieces for homes and corporate offices.  My work is biological in nature.  I love nothing more than to use patterns from nature in new ways and to make seen the unseen.   I love trees, leaves, microscopic creatures, crazed fish and goofy ghost-like monsters.   I just got home, but I’ll be getting ready for the next show and I am excited to start some new work.  Until then, enjoy the beautiful day and hope to see you soon!

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