She gets into the Common Ground Fair

There it was sitting on my counter in a pile of recycling. I didn’t see it when I took it out of the mailbox on thursday? friday? I just threw it all in a pile and went on my way. Last night when I was making dinner I looked through that pile and was shocked to find the letter from MOFGA (Maine organic farmers and Growers Asssociation). I immediately ripped it open, not even stopping to think about it and read “We are happy to offer you a space at this year’s Fair”. OK, so if you read my post from yesterday you would know that I was grappling with potential rejection. Liz had gotten her letter of acceptance and I hadn’t heard anything and was trying to come to terms with what to do next. I guess that’s something we all have to deal with when we put our work out there. It makes us ask some hard questions of ourselves, like am I doing the right thing, in the right way….I guess it comes down to trusting our own instincts and doing it for the love of doing it. I wasted alot of energy not trusting and I can laugh about it now, but seriously what if I hadn’t gotten in? How would that have affected me? Why does it change how we value ourselves? Outside validation is a messy animal. I was prepared to march on and continue working in this method that I love, but I did stop and question it. The one thing that this whole situation has made clear to me is that I am working very differently than I ever have and that I can work this way in many venues. I think I’ve been limiting myself with a “functional” ceramic outlook when it comes to fairs, but really, as Liz said “You show up at the CG Fair with your work, no matter what that work is. Be an artist”. That’s true for any fair, show, exhibition, and life. Well, thanks Liz for such good advice and for laughing at me (with me) while we walk this road. We’ve got to get into our studios because that fair will be here before we know it! Sept 23,24,25th in Unity, Maine.


  1. I am so glad that you were invited to be a part of the CG Fair because I would not have met you or the beautiful work that you create. I have been talking about your work since I got home and the mug that I bought for my partner, the “Guinness” shape, is perfect. She loves it and now I wish I would have bought two.

    Thank you for your creative and unique technique. We love it!

  2. Carol! Thank you so much. It was great to meet you. I have more of those, just let me know! I can ship it. I will also be at the Maine State Museum Show in Nov. 5th and 6th and have an open studio sale Nov 19th in Hallowell. you can email me at Thanks again for letting me know how much you like it. That means alot to me. Have a great day! Malley

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