February 27th, 2011

Sigh, Liz called me yesterday to tell me that she got into the Common Ground Fair and I am truly very excited for her. She’s a fantastic potter and deserves a place there. I checked my mail box and I didn’t receive an acceptance letter. I am trying not to have a complete meltdown, ok, so I did have some tough moments yesterday, but what I realize is that perhaps my work really doesn’t belong in the fair circuit. I know, I dig my own clay and that is so Common Ground-ish, but really I think I am leaning towards finer craft. Which is NOT to say that the CG Fair isn’t fine. I think my work is heading in a different direction, a much slower paced, controlled, movement. I look at the work of Deb Le Air and really it is sooooo beautiful http://www.debleair.com and I am inspired. I see her work in really nice galleries and I know how much work it is to create something like that. It takes hours and hours. The thing is that I am really enjoying working in that way, but I have this nagging voice that says “you’ll never sell any of this” , but look she IS selling her work and it is not cheap. I think in a way not getting into this fair gives me more space to work in this vein. I may always have my doubts, but when I see others succeed then it gives me hope. Maine is not exactly a place that specializes in this type of art/craft but I am not going to let that stop me. I am trying to let go of the notion that I need to make a million pots to survive. Who knows, I may get that acceptance letter on Monday and then I’ll need to decide which direction to go. Hmmm. I think I already know. Thanks deb Le Air for helping me through this.

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