Feb 15, 2011

mugs and tumbler

med bowl

lg bowl

I’ve had about one week in my studio since I graduated. It has been very exciting for me to get back in there to play/work. I’ve been adjusting my Maine clay body and tweaking my terra sig recipes. I’m still finding that they don’t buff up as easily as I hoped. I will continue to play with this. Today I applied the terra sig to leatherhard work and that worked nicely. There appears to be some magic as to how long to let it dry, but that’s fairly normal and I will continue to experiement. Not sure what I would do if one day it all just worked perfectly. I spent most of my day carving and I have to say I really enjoy that. I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what I would carve they just “appeared” and I am happy with the results of that approach. Tomorrow I will apply more of the terra sig and stain and throw some more pots. This way of working is very slow. I am enjoying the slowness for a change. For some reason I have been rushing, rushing, rushing to make tons of pots for most of life. But now I seem to be heading in the opposite direction and making everything harder and more challenging. This way of working is completely pleasurable and I must say my mood has greatly improved. I never fancied myself a production potter and well…now I am proving it. Let’s hope there’s room in the world for slow pots. Here’s what I worked on today.

goofy yet treacherous fish

One comment

  1. I love these pieces! Kind of what I’ve been doing myself lately. I can’t wait to see your finished product as I haven’t quite figured out how to finish the ones I’ve been carving.

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