February 12th, 2011

Well, Hello Blog! I’ve missed you. So much has happened since I last wrote…ummmm….a YEAR ago! First and foremost I just graduated with my Masters in Fine Art/Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. I also moved my teaching studio and had a new studio built on my property. It’s been a busy time. I’ve continued to test new terra sig’s with varying degrees of success and have really started to refine the clay body. my ultimate goal is to use as few other materials in the clay. As of right now I am just adding grog and a small amount of bentonite. The results are good….so far.
You might be wondering what a degree in Interdisciplinary Art is. This degree really encourages us to value the creative input we receive from other seemingly different ways of thinking/processing/knowing. My advisor described it as “What happens when the Scientists and the Artists are hanging out smoking in the ally between the two buildings”. It’s the liminal space between disciplines.
I probably don’t need to tell you how much work it is to get a Master’s degree. My last semester has been spent writing my portfolio and compiling all of the information/lessons/etc. that I’ve been working on..(and for me…also having a new studio built, raising kids, and working) I will post some of my pics very soon. Now that I have all this free time (ha!) I promise to spend more time communicating. Now that I am all MFA I also need to work on promoting myself and finding avenues of income. I will be working on building a new website just for my work, blogging more often, and creating TONS of work. I realize it all starts with spending time in the studio, but it goes no where unless I bust my butt to promote it. Yeah, we artists don’t take to this part naturally, but it’s all part of the work. I am fortunate to have a “success buddy”. In fact, just the very fact that she has subscribed to my RSS feed has already got me moving. We are working together to help each other succeed. Her name is Liz Proffetty and she’s a good friend, a potter, a Mom, like me. Let’s see if we can have a little contest and motivating competition about websites, blogs etc. I just secured malleyweber.com you can’t go there yet, but pretty soon you will see how I pull this all together. I have success on my mind and a loose plan. It’s always worked for me before. Ok, I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you, but for now I have GOT to get in the studio. I need some work for photos for the Common Ground Fair committee and also for the website. Liz and I are going to NCECA in March and we are going to look GOOD! NCECA National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. The Conference is in Tampa, FL this year and Liz and I are going to find new galleries and hear some of the big people speak. Most importantly, we will be hobnobbing with potters from all over and literally geeking out on clay for 5 days! This is basically an exciting deadline for both of us to get ourselves together, meaning having our “marketing” skills sharp. Ok, so I promise some pictures later.


  1. Love it all. Thanks for the fun plug Sister in in Mud. My web site and blog are now open for public viewing too
    Lizproffetty.com I am looking forward to go to malleyweber.com and seeing your site. Get it up and running

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