Covid-19 is going to force Hallowell Clay Works and Malley to reimagine another creative way of sharing our love of clay with our community. While it is inconvenient, not to mention deadly to some, we will use this time to work on  creative and educational pursuits. It may take some time, but in the end every city, town, village needs a clay studio. There is much healing and strength to be found in each other in creative community. Working together is key to our mental health and prosperity.  Much love to you all.

 As of today April 27th we are in the waiting game. We are unsure of how and when exactly we will re-open. This pandemic has all but eliminated our clay program.  Malley can do some clay field work,  individual coaching, help set up home studios or sell you work. The gallery is currently closed, but please email if there is something you’d like to purchase or schedule. hallowellclayworks@gmail.com  Thanks for your patience as we take this time to re-invent, adjust and find a way forward. Looking toward creating our future ‘Art, Craft, and Cultural Center’ for now we stay present and take care of our selves and loved ones. Support your artists and craftspeople! Especially the ones who need it the most. Thank you!



CLAY FIELD SESSIONS Owner Malley Weber works privately with clients/students to develop sensorimotor and haptic perception. We work in clay but not to create a product, rather to retrain neural pathways to alleviate trauma. This is not Talk Therapy.  Malley is trained in Healing Trauma in the Clay Field  and studied with Cornelia Elbrecht.  More about Cornelia’s work here  http://www.sensorimotorarttherapy.com/about/

For more info please email Malley at Hallowellclayworks@gmail.com


VISITING ARTIST- Contact Malley for more information. We visit k-12 and Universities and Colleges to speak about using Maine Clay and working sustainably with Ceramics. $350 per day.  Some scholarships/grants available.

UNIVERSITY OF MAINE-AUGUSTA-  next class is Spring 2020

WATERSHED – www.watershedceramics.org for more info about residencies and Education for Art Teachers

Teaching Philosophy –

My teaching philosophy is based on the work of MC Richards, Miles Horton, Paolo Friere, Pema Chodron, Shaun McNiff and bell hooks.  Creativity cures the soul. It is steeped in Jungian Philosophy. Each student and teacher brings their personal experience into the classroom. Developing and nurturing the needs brought out by these experiences deepens the quest for knowledge. Valuing each experience creates a safe environment of inquiry, exploration and challenge. It is my role as an educator to expose students to cultures and ideologies that may or may not be very different from their own. In the understanding of ‘other’ students discover their place in a larger context. Ceramics takes that one step further in educating the art of expression and making meaning through an active and physically trans-formative process.   I am a holistic educator. Learning takes place physically, mentally and emotionally. Emotional healing can be powerful when working in the arts and can facilitate physical healing and intellectual understanding. I acknowledge and embrace the learning that I receive through the process of teaching others.  My language is intentionally accessible and inclusive. I model to my students the value of individual experience and connection to a broad learning community through personal narrative, myth and archetype. The funny thing is…we don’t have to talk about any of that…it just happens when you make the space for mindfulness and respect.